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adj. one who exibits stalker-like behavior
That girl is such a swimfan; i wouldn't be surprised to see her out my window in the middle of the night
by Yael February 08, 2004
When a girlfriend or someone you are dating turns out crazy or stalks you.
Hey you ex really turn out to be all swimfan.
by Jesse Huerta January 17, 2008
a girl who is obsessed with a guy and won't take a hint
Stop acting like swiman!
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
Chick who is obsessed over you and will not take no for an answer no matter what. Than after sex starts to stalk you to no end.
See the movie Swim Fan
by 78jm68se July 22, 2011
the second level of insanity women get to (following betty); at this stage she goes through her mans text, my-space, face book & call history; questions your where abouts; and insinuates that you are allways lying; possibly physically abussive to your animals, personal belongings, family members or friends
Dude, you need to ditch her, she is starting to go swim fan, my fucking life is in danger!
by Hashmark October 18, 2008
The act of calling someone repeatedly, instead of leaving a voicemail the caller will simply hang up and continue to redial 5-100 times or until the caller answers.
I have no idea where that bitch is- I have been swimfanning her all night.

I really liked that guy but then I got totally wasted and swimfanned him at 4am, and now he is totally over me.

That girl is a total swimfan- thats how you know she has been drinking.
by Marie Elena February 13, 2008
A really good movie about a chick who is extremely obsessed with a guy and reminds me a little to much of my friend Pinky.
Pinky said to her SFM, "YOU LOVE ME I KNOW IT!"
by *MICHI* April 01, 2003
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