1)an excuse to wake up at 5a.m. and jump into freezing water
2) a reason to jump into a shower naked with several other people of the same sex.

3) a great way to look at people of the opposite sex in bathing suits
4) an excuse to eat 5 meals a day and not gain a pound
5)the only sport that gives you hickeys
mother: is that a hickey on your neck?

child: nope, its from my swim suit.
by i love turtlez May 24, 2011
Swim = Somebody Who Isn't Me

Iamdie threatened to send a swim because he is a pussy.
by NOT A BACK EAST REDNECK April 25, 2008
To have sex with a woman for a long time.
Damn she is fine as hell. I'll swim in that all day.
by sippi_daddy September 15, 2010
I (instant)
M (message)

Often used after saying something stupid over the internet. Often not actually sent to the wrong person.
Guy (to ex-girlfriend): I still love you.

Ex-Girlfriend: I hate you.

by Keepdatbeat August 12, 2010
The guys in the swim team are all so hot.

Swimmers are smart.

by swimislife March 08, 2009
A term that refers to what happens when a woman reaches a heightened state of sexual arousal, causing her vagina to secrete natural lubrication.
Although I am ten years his senior, our new intern is so hot looking that I start to swim every time I am around him.
by IM3 November 09, 2008
An acronym for See what I mean? Often used for talking to someone in code.
Person 1:That guy is probobly going to swim after school
Person 2: *in hushed voice* yeah he really IS hot
by s3zii January 25, 2009
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