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Send Wetbacks In First Trailer

This refers to the Swift Meat Packing company's KNOWINGLY having illegals working in their plants. (40% of their workforce, by their OWN admission.)
S.W.I.F.T. : Instructions from the company to the coyote on the South side of the border. "Send Wetbacks In First Trailer."
by The Almighty Bungholio December 13, 2006
Kissing and telling about it in a childish manner
Any Song written by Taylor Swift
by incairparvel June 28, 2011
Someone who talks with a lisp.
" damn Cameron you munt, you have the biggesth lithp i have ever thseen. Your swift mouth moveth quickly".
by dick fitswell August 22, 2003
The result of a penis forcing air into the vagina during sex. This causes air to rush out quickly from the vagina making a flatulent noise much like that of the "queef". The action of the air exiting swiftly brings about the "swift".
That swift caused me to go soft with a swiftness.
by jlawthelarson December 26, 2008
means cool but a more lighter flying feeling
that game was pure swift man!!!
by dan simons August 05, 2003
-to be swift, like being blonde only not as "duragatory"
-Crystal:How come you dont have to refill your gas fireplace?
-Now that, is just pure swiftness.
by Regina Fillangee March 04, 2005
Trixter which disregards the kicking side and places a main emphassas on flips
"fuck swift has the mean wallflip"
by Hakko December 13, 2003