40 definitions by Hakko

a penis that has gone completly out of control and thrashes about with fury
"omg that guy has a thrashing penis!"
by Hakko December 13, 2003
the Norwegian word for the place in between your anus and nuts
possibly a sexual stimulant point
"fuck its hard shaving your skrukk"
by Hakko December 13, 2003
an anus which has been buttfucked to the limit and cum is dripping out of it
"oh no whenever i fart my pants get wet"
by Hakko December 14, 2003
a cock which is throbbing for some luvin from either a pussy or anus
"maan my cocks throbben for some anus"
"egad schoolboy jimmy! your cock is throbbing!"
by Hakko December 13, 2003
all the evil in the world combined into one being which brings people to tears just by talking to them on AIM
LoboParamilitary(8:00:47 PM): fuck your a loser penis

Jon Penis (8:01:34 PM): i no waaaaaaaa! Juji!!! LMAOROLFLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! im gay!
by Hakko February 09, 2004
a big, fat ugly bitch
Hakko: "outta my way hephalump"
Hephalump: "society accepts fattys now"
Hakko: "well i dont"
*kicks hephalump in the face*
by Hakko November 21, 2004
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