Trixter which disregards the kicking side and places a main emphassas on flips
"fuck swift has the mean wallflip"
by Hakko December 13, 2003
That new fifty video was straight swift, dogg fo shizzle
by cnlballa September 26, 2003
a True Hero
"you are a true hero swift!"
by Swift December 13, 2003
To take a shit also known as back droppin or booboo
I shouldn't have drank all of that milk. I need to take me an old swift.
by lordzig84 May 24, 2006
When one has to make something up, or when one has made something look like a greater amount of effort and work has gone into the production of it. Often, but not always, involving the duplication of others work or terminology in order to produce something that looks like ones own.

A term synonymous with bullshitting, blagging, making up or too 'wing it', though more often used within the architectural profession.
"That Nathaniel sure was laying on the swift real heavy"


"I sure had to write a loft of swift to get those plans through building control"
by Thig Waymarks November 23, 2007
A kid whos name is Alex Swift. Known for the two gaping things under his nose that reminds me of dry flapping vaginas. I hate that faggot.
Was swift with ant russian all night last night?? Damn...Swift is such a pussy-fart.
by Rush Owens February 14, 2005
· When you look like you've just left the mall.
· Having on a outfit that eveybody likes.

·New Shirt, New pants, New shoes. New hairdo.

Originated in Florida.
"D*mn bruh you swift as f*ck (today/tonight)"

"Look at (him/her), (she/he) swift."
by YooNation October 29, 2015

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