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Someone who has fat ankles, no definition between the calf and the foot.
Rosie O'Donnell enjoys probing with her fankles.
by dick fitswell August 22, 2003
A general response to use when someone tells you about something negative.
I wanted to come over and play foosball but I had to stay home with my old lady. "response" I dont like it!
by Dick fitswell February 04, 2004
slang word used by people who dont have enough energy to say "I don't know".
Smokey, how you going to sell bud and smoke bud? iono! thats my only problem..
by Dick Fitswell February 04, 2004
a small penis, a tiny weiner ect
"Brad Pitt probably has a pillick"
by dick fitswell August 24, 2003
a person with orange hair who will obviously have orange pubes.
" your mom needs a panelbeater to operate on her rusty crutch "
by dick fitswell August 22, 2003
a really gay male singing teacher
"CB liked his lesson with TeWiremu"
by dick fitswell August 23, 2003
Son of a person named Gary
David O'Hagans mother Debbie is with Gary, making David a sarry.
by dick fitswell August 25, 2003
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