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Buffed up bull.
my buffed up bull is buffy.
by DolanMay September 27, 2003
5 17
People who are also known as Moshers, Grungers or Soap Dodgers. Prefered taste in music is anything with an electric guitar and a person who can't sing. These people tend to dress in baggy jeans (the scruffier the better), 'Vans' shoes and hooded jumpers with their favourite band's logos displayed on them. These people deliberately make themselves look dirty and is if they really need to bath, thinking they are making some sort of statement. Most of the time these people look very sorry for themselves and are usually attention seekers; the sort you see being beaten up in the school yard.
Woah, like, Marilyn Manson is totally awesome dude! Where's my skateboard and bong?
by Anon February 10, 2004
5 33