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To be saturated in the cold with sweat, whilst wearing singlets and football shorts.
"Simo bruz stole the two fans because he was sweaty, now we're getting sweaty"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
usually a female who loves to make things difficult, or takes advantage of situations. also someone who makes people "sweat" things/situations ie. a sweaty bitch. or sweating/fretting someone
That sweaty bitch told my girlfriend i was cheating.
Sweating a sweaty bitch only makes you a sweatier one.
by tpick September 02, 2008
High on sweat (aka marijuana, weed, dope, chron, chronic, lah, ect.)
The source of many a pun.
"I got so sweaty off that joint."

"Jimmy brought a fat sack o' sweat!"
"Oh sick, I gotta take off this sweater though, I'm going out with my moms later and she always notices sweaty clothes."
by Oliver Hine August 22, 2008
Sweaty is the hot new discriptive. It can be used as a surrogate for any word that would otherwise hint to any type of awesomeness/badness/attitude.

Zach: "man, Check out my new shoes with futuristic power laces!"

Reggie: "Sweet nuggets! those are sweaty as F*&K!"
by RoosterFromage August 01, 2008
Adj, pertaining to those who drive nissan maximas and hang around outside walmart. Sweaties usually dress in skateboard apparel but have been known to sport anything from hunting camoflauge to a football letter jacket. Music taste can vary, but wigger is a popular choice.
He is so sweaty, I saw him streetracing his honda civic around the mall with his sweaty goattee.
by Voltaire1988 May 17, 2007
Something that is SWEATY is really really good.
Awww man that bird's arse is sweaty
by Dave Alfonze October 13, 2003
A sweaty is used by chavs (lame ass's) to insult goths or anyone who is into rock/metal (the better music, but do you know what i think all chavs should be sating 'GOD BLESS ALL SWEATY'S!!!!!'
omg omg omg, metallica so rock!!! die chavs die! you and your confounded language!
chav; im gonna fuc'n bang ya ya fat sweaty (pronounced sometime's swea'y)