A sweaty is used by chavs (lame ass's) to insult goths or anyone who is into rock/metal (the better music, but do you know what i think all chavs should be sating 'GOD BLESS ALL SWEATY'S!!!!!'
omg omg omg, metallica so rock!!! die chavs die! you and your confounded language!
chav; im gonna fuc'n bang ya ya fat sweaty (pronounced sometime's swea'y)
Anyone who likes any guitar based music. Anyone with long hair. Anyone with jeans, band t-shirt and a dark hoody. Sweaties could just have had a shower/bath and still they would be told to have a bath... basically chavs and crap just make shit up because theyre idiots.
A sweaty is walking down the street minding his/her own business when a chav approaches him.
"Oh yeah mate, fckng sweaty bstrd mate, want rumble do ya?"
"Uhh... wha?"
"Lamp ya out mate"
Whilst the lesser, weaker more annoying chavs say...
"Go on, lamp him out son. Needs a wash, needs a hair cut mate. Oh yeah!"
by Dorian January 25, 2005
The definition of sweaty has been different from person to person ever since it began in the UK (Manchester, Doncaster, Hull area), so here's the REAL definition of it.

A sweaty is someone who listens to heavy metal or any other kind of metal (except nu metal) this includes death metal. They wear REALLY WIDE SHOES that fall off if they run and look really dumb. They also wear jeans (or skater trousers) too long for them that go over their shoes and then some (sometimes rolled up in summer or to expose their shoes). They have chains attached to their jeans (for some reason) and a belt that hangs down with metal studs on them. They wear hoodies or really big shirts that hang all the way down to their knees almost and pass their hands like their jeans do with their feet (sometimes rolled up aswell)! They have wrist bands with spikes or bones on them and a dog collar. Their shirt/hoodie MUST have a name of a band on it or their a sweaty wannabe. They have long hair like a mop head that is
either curly, or twice as long at the back. They have iPods glued to their ears playing really loud and annoying music, (heavy metal). They sometimes wear a cap, or have a skateboard but that's to 'look cool', they can't skate.

The confusion of the word sweaty started when the words goth, emo, skater and indie came around in the 80's and 90's so the chav (townie) term for sweaty is anyone who likes rock music or has long hair.
"Why do your trousers and shirt cover your hands and feet?"

"Because I'm a sweaty!"
by :x-y-z: July 23, 2006
Bad mutha's who are opposite of townie's. Obsession with black, metal music, and peaceful violent acts...?
Often wear long leather coats and get called "Hey Matrix"... with sad unorignality...
Me saying screw you to Townie's
by Lord Seth March 23, 2004
YO sun that shit is sweaty, to make fun of something (glaswegian)
that game is too sweaty just like adam hunter ,
by mr t April 21, 2005
Someone who comes across as 'tight' or 'cheap.
1st person :'lend me a quid plz'
2nd person : 'no dnt beg'
1st person : 'sweaty bitch'
by Ciaran February 27, 2005
something thats really messed up
-u c that fucken bitch talkin to us like that?
-yea dawg that was sweaty as hell
by gabooshav August 02, 2004

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