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Swar means cool you would usaully saying "Think your all swar" Dublin Knacker word
"Think your all Swar dont ya slack"
"Thats because i am bleeding swar"
by SlackTGBOYRA April 06, 2009
22 10
The practice of rolling a joint of weed i.e. skinning up
T Smash McPain: Oi, swar one up.

Head Chef: Yeah Yeah, I'm bang on that.


Head Chef: Yes Yes, what you sayin'?

T Smash McPain: Just Swarring up man, you?

Head Chef: On my way to yours now for some of that.
by no real wood is wood March 27, 2011
9 3
To burn or smoke large amounts of marijuana
Hey Joe, hey Susan lets go swars.
by Jerri Blazenstadt March 07, 2010
5 1