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Type of pain caused to, or by, any McDonald's employee.

Referenced from Rodney Rudes song 'McDonlads'
"If i McCome in here toMcMorrow and it aint McChanged from McFries to chips, i'll cause you some serious McPain. Cause ill be McPissing in your McSpeaker and chucking a McRock at your McMenu."
by McRude Follower February 26, 2013
Abbreviated form of John McCain and Sarah Palin.
- Aren't you sick of the war?
- Fuck you, I'm Pollyanna and I'm voting for McPain no matter how many Americans they will send to die or how many bridges to nowhere they will build.
by redpilltaker October 20, 2008
The 2008 Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket.
"Who you voting for, Marilyn?"

"Dunno. McPain or Jobama? I'll decide when I get to the poll, if it's the right poll and the line isn't too long."
by PrincetonTiger October 20, 2008

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