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Exactly right. Origin: British english. Also "spot on."
Jane's prediction of fourth-quarter earnings was bang on.
by Majik Fox October 28, 2004
Scouse slang

Total opposite to what it normally means.

It means wrong,al ass,out of order.
OMG what John did was bang on!!!!!!

(John did something bad)
by **Becca*Hawks** May 08, 2005
A favourite saying of a broadcast journalist and Londoner at a prestigious journalism training school.

This term is now adopted, and used interjectionally, between groups of males engaged in drinking circles post-newsroom.

The term "Bang on!" can substitute any verb, noun or adjective, and is often used completely out of context.

"Bang on!" can also replace song lyrics.

Usage of the term must be reciprocated by all members of the contextual group, or its effects are nullified.

Risky usage of the term "Bang on!" can result in suspicion. Therefore, users must adopt caution and awareness of their surroundings.

If a person uses said term without prior knowledge of its origins, social taboo may follow.
"That is Bang on!"

Man 1: "Digital Journalism is a total tin-pot waste of time"

Man 2: "Bang on!"
by eKirk Potting-Shed March 28, 2014
Synonym for eat with pleasure (not sexually), devour. Can be used in past, present or future tense
(past tense)"Yo dude those mini-sandwiches were dank, I banged on like ten of them"
(present tense)"ahhh dawg, I'm bangin on these bagel bites so hard right now"
(future tense)"oh shit son! I'd bang on these hot pockets so hard if we bought them!"
by Motomatt0808 May 05, 2010
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