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underwater wanking, dating back to medievil times, fisherman were known to relieve themselves while catching the days food supplies
"Hey arthur, I was swanking with Addison earlier & I spunked on a trouts face"
by uncle knobhead February 17, 2009
Were a man is masterbating in a ferocious pattern of rageously jagging his penis about.
Nick: Hey Sam what do you call it where you masterbate angrily and pull your penis in all diffrent directions?
Sam: Swanking.. Nick... Swanking..
by Mark Jackson. January 17, 2009
V. a reference to hilary swank, to hit another person with a milky towel or a tube sock full of ranch dressing
im goin to target to pick up some socks and ranch dressing, ive got some swanking to do
by A.J. Ninami September 28, 2009
A mix of wanking off and spanking your mokney or act of masturbating.
Bily was sqanking in the bathroom
by SpankytheMeat February 27, 2005