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A cry of anguish. A man can yell Mendoza in any situation, whether it be his soon to be retired partner getting gunned down by organised criminals, or your dinner falling off the table thanks to an untidy housemate.

Emphasis can be added with a gaze into the sky and a shaking of the fist.
McBain: "Scoey! NOOOO! MENDOZA!"
by FryC August 12, 2006
Mendozas are small bodies, big thighs...HUGE thighs. Is it humanly possible to be that big? Word origin is a rumor coming from a teacher named Mrs Mendoza. No one knows if she is real or not, but if you see thighs like that, you call them MENDOZAS!
Dude that chick looks pretty good. Oh my god! Nevermind! Look at those Mendozas!
by KR3W Skater December 15, 2007
To spray a partner in the face with semen. Originating from the first Mighty Ducks movie when Luis Mendoza comes to a stop for the first time and sprays the opposing goalie in the face with ice.

Also referred to as giving a facial.
He is such an ass hole, he gave me a Mendoza.

She is so hot, I'm going to Mendoza her tonight.
by nrgray9 September 12, 2011
Cold Mountain. Originates from Spain. A person who comes from the Cold Mountain.
She is from Mendoza.
by MMMMM77777 August 23, 2008
Of relating to relating to men who have the potential to do it all from "a" to "z" and back to "a"

Friend A: Hey did you hear about Rod he made it to the Olympics!

Friend B: Isn't he an Engineer or Doctor or something???

Friend A: Yeah he's a Mendoza...lucky bastard!
by I've met a Mendoza February 18, 2010
v. The act of trashing someone's tent in a drunken fit of rage due to a sticky zipper
"What the fuck happened to my tent?!"
"Dude, looks like you got mendoza'ed. I hope you have bug spray."
by the K-Spot May 07, 2010
When two people simultaneously text each other with the same message.
Text from person A: "You can never really know too many Mexicans."
Simultaneous text from person B: "You can never really know too many Mexicans."
Text from person A: "mendoza!"
Text from person B: "mendoza!"
by Brett R. February 21, 2014
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