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to get caught out there by someone
Did you hear about Clyde getting caught making up words? He got swanked by Sylvia.
by Sylvia20782 November 25, 2007
1. Bad as in gross or stupid.

2. To get jacked or robbed.
1. Dude, you seriously just swanked the bathroom.

2. Haha, check it out that bro just got swanked!
by bazamshazam May 30, 2010
To be corrected in public by Swank or person who has his personality of being a over-pompous, health-regulated person
You've been Swanked!
by shokubeni February 21, 2010
to get swanked is too get an adrenaline rush!
I got so swanked on the way down jumping off that bridge!
by Swankedcrew May 26, 2006
The act of one getting their penis pulled
Tom swanked Steve in the locker room, Steve was sore for weeks
by Bob Stealman April 12, 2016
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