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You are swanke when you got yo' lean on so deep in yo' whip that you gotta order your 24 hour Arby's thru the rear drivers side window.
by Trent Daddy Dollar$ November 04, 2003
A person who is attracted to asian men. Also is a ghetto last name.
"Man, did you hear about that kid Brandon Swanke?

Yeah, He likes eats Calebs Wong's eggrolls."
by this isn't recess November 04, 2009
1.a person who is attracted to asian men , this person typically likes eggrolls and wanton soup .


3.traitor .
Guy 1:"Mann i heard swankee is hot for wongs eggrolls"

Guy 2:"Yeahh dat shhittt iss truee"
by theNOTtraitor. November 04, 2009
man i couldnt even fuckin tell ya
damn thats bitch is a swanke nug
by brocktologist October 18, 2003
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