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originated in houston, like a parade of hott whips swangin from side to side in the street
look hear comes some hot whips they'r swang'n
by kickak June 04, 2005
579 248
Steering your car side to side when driving. Mostly done when cruising.
"Doors open, mayne, now watch em swang" - E-40

Swang your Cadillac down the street.
by koopa March 05, 2004
769 249
A pimp ass song by Trae featuring Hawk!
yo i jus herd this fly song called swang
by neelgro March 14, 2006
353 280
1. To Bump n Grind.

2. To dance sexually (penis to butt - or otherwise if girl/girl)
Danggggg, Andre was SWANGin' last night.

he caught SWANG FLU!
by ANDRE ALL DAY May 03, 2009
143 120
Swangs are a Set of rims that came out in '83 and '84 that are called 3's and 4's that Poke out of the side of a car. They are Widely used In Texas
"Them three's and fo's I'ma roll fa sho. Wear Bows and Vogues and we call'em Swangs" Paul Wall-Draped up
by King Grande March 04, 2008
35 16
female ejaculation in partner's mouth.

"girlfriend, I s'wang in mah mang's mouth"

in songs, it should be repeated: "s'wang, s'wang"
by jelena and ashley January 13, 2006
38 25
To be cool, neat, awesome, rad.

Better than the word swag. And said by putting their right pinkie up to the side of ones lips and say "swang!"
*Likes something on tumblr*
"OUUU that Picts hella *puts pinkie by lips* swang!"
by ColorfulwordsxD May 11, 2014
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