A boggy, stinking mess that inhabits ones genital area.
Do you smell that??! Smells like swamp-ass in here!
by Suerte January 02, 2004
"Swamp ass" is the putrid stench eminating from the human groin. It is caused by sweat and/or not wiping the ass sufficiently.
No woman is going to lick your balls if you suffer from swamp ass!
by Da Nastee One May 11, 2004
An unfortunate condition in which the doo doo chute and surrounding areas are wallowing in the depths of a vile, festering, putrid poo swamp. This generally occurs when the ass isn't thoroughly wiped resulting in odors eminating from the region that smell like a fresh dump.
Vandy's swamp ass reaked so badly that the smell of his freshly unwiped ass could be enjoyed nearly three rows away in the theater.
by Greggie C. February 27, 2008
An ass that has been sweating due to extreme heat and has hit the perfect ripeness.
Dude, it is so humid that I am brewing some swamp ass right now.
by Lil Buhda March 28, 2008
A state of being after general uncleanliness leading to so much sweat that one's lower region could possibly produce the vegetation and smell of a swamp.
Man that dude Edward Malone has swamp-ass, I heard he doesn't shower in weeks.
by DJBigD February 23, 2012
The slight or severe inflamation of the inner ass cheeks due to excessive walking or running after taking a deuce. Usually a slight refuge of junk surrounds and agitates the exit region.
I had the worse case of swamp ass at Six Flags.
by Cambo El Nino November 08, 2006
See soup ass.
Man, I bet that fat bitch been sitting in the sun so long in those fat-ass pants she gots herself a serious case of swamp-ass.
by Marko October 23, 2002
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