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Klonopin is a benzodiazepine used for anxiety and other disorders. I take it for chronic insomnia related to mild anxiety and severe muscle tension. Its considered to be a pretty potent benzo amongst its relatives (valium, xanax, ativan, etc.) not only that but its much longer acting. Think Xanax but less "high" and more duration. Taken at regular doses in a benzo naive person 0.25-0.5mg you'll feel relaxed and sedated and sleep will be quite blissful if you've never used benzos. Taken in higher doses you'll probably pass out and forget a bunch of shit which is not cool (see Xanax horror stories) but since its nearly impossible to overdose on when taken alone there are plenty of idiots out there that pop benzos and go on binges only to learn of the weird shit they did while on it....
After a long hard day at school, practice and work Klonopin gives me the peace of mind of solid 7-8 hours of sleep with relaxation the next day!
by CTU_FieldAgent200 July 10, 2011
Basically the better version of alcohol, also known as purple drank (yes drank), lean' and texas tea. You get some sprite or mountain dew then you get some jolly ranchers crush em' up throw em' in your choice of clear soda then you need some cough syrup, none of that DXM bullshit unless your looking to get spacy and trippy but that's not what sizzurps about. The cough syrup has to contain codeine w/ promethazine like the original formula or tussinex which is liquid hydrocodone with an antihistamine and is better than codeine. Some formula's below:

Codeine w/ Promethazine cough syrup
Clear sprite soda
Jolly ranchers

Retarded dumb-ass formula:
Over the counter DXM syrup

Modern and enhanced version:
Tussinex (liq. Hydrocodone suspension 12hour release)
Mountain dew/any sprite flavor
Jolly ranchers if so desired.

The rolls royce of sizzurp:
OxyFast (liq. Oxycodone suspension)
Mountain dew
Jolly ranchers

Just like good ol' momma's recipe's there exist diversity amonst formulations.
sip sip sip sippin' on some sizzurp....pppppppp
by CTU_FieldAgent200 April 05, 2011
Street name for clonazepam (brand name: klonopin). Basically the same potency of xanax but triple the half life making your usual xanned out experience longer acting or in my case not feeling like the world is collapsing 24/7. 0.5mg kpin = 10mg valium. kpins are bad ass and I suggest trying them but don't use them or opioids chronically unless you have a prescription in which case its fine because you have a solid source. Oh yeah and don't rapidly stop off kpins or xanax or other benzo's unless your like full blown seizures, double the anxiety you had before your doctor put you on the drug and of course the DT's like some alcoholic and other weird stuff.
Ever since I was introduced to benzo's I learned that pharmaceuticals aren't just sugar pills and that there are effective drugs....

k-pins are a life saver for people with chronic anxiety that have finally realized SSRI's are a pile or platypus shit for anxiety.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 January 27, 2011
1. An allergy medicine with a girls name
2. An extremely attractive girl with long thick legs that beg to be spread apart. Really cute and also really nice to talk to. Rows and is really tall.
1. My allergys are acting up, got any allegra?
2. Damn that Allegra chick is hot, have you seen those legs and ass?
by CTU_FieldAgent200 June 23, 2010
Something of a daily occurance, NCIS is a great show and it seams its so great that they have "Marathon's" almost everyday. Do not get sucked in as these last for 12-24 hours and you will get nothing done.
Person 1: I'm going to work on my project *walks into TV room* EWWW!!! NCIS Marathon! *Two hours later*: Shit I got nothing done!

In short don't get sucked in.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 February 15, 2010
When your doctor prescribes you a controlled substance (like adderall, vicodin/lortab, Xanax, etc.) and you have the thought "I wonder how much this would sell for".... Usually from the fact that the medicine is not needed or completely outrageous in terms of it actually being needed.
Dr. Doctor: I'm writing you a precripition for 160MG of OxyContin with no Tylenol, 220 quantity since your in so much pain from your hang nail...I can also write you a prescription for 900mg of diamorphine if needed...
by CTU_FieldAgent200 October 06, 2010
Probably the most attractive female human being ever to walk this disgraceful planet. I sincerely hope you youtube her videos following reading this. Basically she is very fit, athletic, woman that does videos for bodyrock tv. Oh yeah she's also a porn star by the name of susana spears lol. If your not flapping to her videos (on youtube) at least once a week then I honestly don't know why or what your doing, it's not like anything you and i will ever rail will come close to her.
Zuzana light has once again created a ridiculously sexy video on YouTube. Just goes to show how straight YouTube is!
by CTU_FieldAgent200 September 25, 2010

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