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A hot dog dipped in PCP with a marijuana relish garnish on top.
No fool you can't grow dat sherm dog you gotta grow dat weed and cut dat shit with angel dust. Then drag your lazy ass to the 7-11 and buy dem Hebrew Nationals.
by fantomelt February 02, 2008
Similar to sherm, it is a hot dog dipped in PCP with a marijuana relish garnish.
I was tripping balls after I ate three o' dem Sherm doggie dogs.
by fantomelt January 24, 2008
On a hot summer day or after physical activity when the massive amount of perspiration in your post-rectal region causes great discomfort. Often leads to moist underwear and a terrible odor.
I flew to Florid and got mad swamp ass as soon as I got off the plane.
by fantomelt February 23, 2009
Also called swamp ass. A progression of.
I was riding a camel in Saudi Arabia and the mixture of extreme heat and hump friction caused the worst ocean ass I've ever had. It was almost like an oasis in my ass, not exactly something I would wanna dive into though.
by fantomelt February 23, 2009
A sexual position where you cuff your gut up, sit it on her stomach, press your weight against her stomach, cut off her circulation off and at the same time you hump the shit out of her.
Big Black puts girl to sleep with old-fashioned belly on back loving.
by FantoMelt March 22, 2007

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