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The tuff of hair just above the ass in the small of the back. Usually found only on men.
My friend showed me a picture of her boyfriends asstache. He really needs to shave it.
by Sidesmack January 26, 2008
hair on your buttox
did you know that your asstache is connected to your eyes? Pluck one out, and check for yourself

Burnik in tagalog
by The-Deemo December 23, 2009
Any hair or distinctive marking around the anus
Look at the asstache on that cat.
by Kevin Walter December 07, 2008
the hair in and around a persons ass
mike has to shave his asstache said dina
by bosk3r69 August 29, 2009
when a man or woman fingers his or her own balloon knot then takes their dirty digit out and wipes it across the upper lip.
i was so pissed at jen that after i plowed her from behind i gave her an asstache... and she liked it...
by tommy kenny September 17, 2006

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