The Feeling One gets after taking a dump and then doing physical activity resulting in sweating, Swamp Ass is the feeling that you didnt wipe well enough.
Dude i thought i didnt wipe good after my jog , but it was just swamp ass.
by Natemontz September 28, 2009
A common description of the weather in Southern Georgia, particularly Valdosta, in the American South, in the southeastern United States
My brother was explaining the humidity in Valdosta, Georgia and said "'Have you ever heard of 'swamp ass'?
by 88mphsss July 28, 2011
when your butthole leaks and is very wet
i hade such bad swamp ass cats followed me for a week
by couragewolf127 February 19, 2011
"Donkey" from Shrek.
"Donkey" was a swamp ass in the first Shrek movie
by hallnut1 September 02, 2010
When your ass is sweating to the degree it feels like your sitting in a swamp. Usually the inside of your butt cheeks are wet and or slimy
You may experience swamp ass after sitting down for an extensive period of time
by Master Baterr April 19, 2010
The occurrence of taking a hot dump precisely after a shower. The bathroom is hot and humid thus creating a wet and sloppy experience. Common side effect includes sweating profusely

A post shower is typical

Swamp as may be experienced while going commando on a hot day, playing basketball, sitting in a sauna, swimming, or tanning
Man I have swamp ass!
Dude don't take a hot steaming dump after a shower!

I though I would cool down by going commando today, but it gave me a bad case of swamp ass.
by mlk34 April 01, 2010
When the area bettween your buttcheecks, commonly reffered to as the butt crack, becomes sweaty and stinky.
After the soccer game friday, Ryan had a bad case of swamp ass.
by brit_legit February 04, 2010

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