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Usually written on the back of envelopes at valentine's day, lipstick kiss and s.w.a.l.k written
by LilMsT January 14, 2009
Sealed With a Loving Kiss ~
found on the back Valentines envelopes.
by chestd April 27, 2003
Abbreviation of spliff-walk. Going for a walk to an area that is suitable for smoking cannabis.
"Dude, security are doing a lot of checks outside the flat tonight"
"Gonna have to swalk it to the park then bro"
by uglymotherfucker December 18, 2011
To walk in a house backwards.
Brittney Spears swalks in her house after she's been drinking.
by Glees January 08, 2011
walking with swagger.
Look at that G swalk up to his homie
by KamCon January 15, 2011