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Sealed With a Loving Kiss ~
found on the back Valentines envelopes.
by chestd April 27, 2003
Abbreviation of spliff-walk. Going for a walk to an area that is suitable for smoking cannabis.
"Dude, security are doing a lot of checks outside the flat tonight"
"Gonna have to swalk it to the park then bro"
by uglymotherfucker December 18, 2011
Usually written on the back of envelopes at valentine's day, lipstick kiss and s.w.a.l.k written
by LilMsT January 14, 2009
walking with swagger.
Look at that G swalk up to his homie
by KamCon January 15, 2011
To walk in a house backwards.
Brittney Spears swalks in her house after she's been drinking.
by Glees January 08, 2011
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