your personalilty, your popularity.
girl 1: yo georgina was poping mad shit about you
girl 2: yo fuck that bitch she stay hatin on my swagga
by ch3rry December 08, 2009
the two coolest pimps who can only be described as "money". you mess with swaggas, you get swaggas.
Person 1: Woah, did you see Molly and Emily?

Person 2:Swaggas!

Molly and Emily: We are swaggas
by Molly and Emily January 02, 2009
Swagger said in a gangster tone
Fergie (BOOM BOOM POW 2009): Them chicks be jackin my syle, they try and copy my swagga"
by SwaggaJacka April 27, 2009
the way a boy talks, dresses, walks, treats a girl, and there careless attitude, would make them considered by other people as a rudeboy/badman.
it just makes the girl automatically in love with them!
girl one: that boy you like aint even sexy
girl two: i no, hes just got so much swagga
girl one and three: everyone else who dont see it must be on a different planet!
by rowooke August 13, 2009
ain't no other swagga like a Michael Stevens swagga cause the Michael Stevens swagga don't stop!
doing the cupid shuffel dance with swagga

the Stevens walk ( with swagga)

low motion got Swagga

owning a Honda means u have swagga... (somtimes)

being a Stevens means u got swagga

Being a friend of a Stevens mean u defiantly have swagga
by crazy girl anb July 14, 2009
ones appearance, character or circumstance
if mr.bravo gives me an A he will have mad swagga in my eyes!
by boyeleazer October 27, 2008
1. The way you present yourself to society. Your style, or attitude.

2. A completely appalling stench radiating out of a hygienically neglected vagina.
(1.) "DAYUMMM.... Look at that nukkuh's swagga!

(2.) Guy 1: So, at that party last night, I got down with Christina.
Guy 2: And? You tap that?
Guy 1: Nah man, once I got her pants of, I was knocked back across the room by her insane swagga.
Guy 2: That's really fucking disgusting.
by Alcon April 19, 2010

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