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the two coolest pimps who can only be described as "money". you mess with swaggas, you get swaggas.
Person 1: Woah, did you see Molly and Emily?

Person 2:Swaggas!

Molly and Emily: We are swaggas
by Molly and Emily January 02, 2009
It's a dumbass excuse for how people act.
Him 1: Damn that dude is fucking retarted
Him 2: It must be his swagga...we should've never gotten rid of the Jim Crow Laws.
by Loading, Please Wait... December 06, 2010
Swagger said in a gangster tone
Fergie (BOOM BOOM POW 2009): Them chicks be jackin my syle, they try and copy my swagga"
by SwaggaJacka April 27, 2009
the way a boy talks, dresses, walks, treats a girl, and there careless attitude, would make them considered by other people as a rudeboy/badman.
it just makes the girl automatically in love with them!
girl one: that boy you like aint even sexy
girl two: i no, hes just got so much swagga
girl one and three: everyone else who dont see it must be on a different planet!
by rowooke August 13, 2009
ain't no other swagga like a Michael Stevens swagga cause the Michael Stevens swagga don't stop!
doing the cupid shuffel dance with swagga

the Stevens walk ( with swagga)

low motion got Swagga

owning a Honda means u have swagga... (somtimes)

being a Stevens means u got swagga

Being a friend of a Stevens mean u defiantly have swagga
by crazy girl anb July 14, 2009
ones appearance, character or circumstance
if mr.bravo gives me an A he will have mad swagga in my eyes!
by boyeleazer October 27, 2008
1. The way you present yourself to society. Your style, or attitude.

2. A completely appalling stench radiating out of a hygienically neglected vagina.
(1.) "DAYUMMM.... Look at that nukkuh's swagga!

(2.) Guy 1: So, at that party last night, I got down with Christina.
Guy 2: And? You tap that?
Guy 1: Nah man, once I got her pants of, I was knocked back across the room by her insane swagga.
Guy 2: That's really fucking disgusting.
by Alcon April 19, 2010