Coined in TI's song, Swagger Like Us
"No one on the corner have swagga like us...."
by RUman2013 June 26, 2009
Is your colour cordination in your clothes
Raa your swagga is on point!!!
by skeema March 15, 2009
A word meaning gangsta or one's good ability to do something.
You ain't got no swagga, nigga.
by xHaTeFuLxSiNx April 04, 2006
a guy's colgne/scent

a scent of the brand Old Spice
"She likes my swagga."
by MISSP March 05, 2008
Descending from the word Swagger, can mean-
1. A person's large Love Stick

2. A random comment after not caring to
what the other person was saying.
1. Lisa, did you bench press Louis's swagga last night?

2. Principal Waite: We are enforcing zero tolerance on headbands and the pokemonz and the gameboys. Any questions?
Jareth: Swagga?
by Jareth Santiago April 26, 2005
a black mans walk

AYE MAN .... u messin up my SWAGGA!!!
by ~LoveyMa~ December 04, 2005
A term that Will Smith created on his album, "Lost and Found". The word was obviously made to sound "hard" or to make him sound "black enough". Even though no one knows what a swagga is, he claims to have his back.
Will Smith: I got my swagga back.

50 Cent: Wat did you just say white boy.

*50 Cent pulls out a gat*
by sabster snow June 19, 2005

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