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Raa/Raah/Rah: Someone from the south of England who is, typically, middle class-upper class, private educated, and a student hoping to continue on to/ or being at university.

Raa's can be indetified thus:

male: Polo shirts- dodgy so-ual-it-cost-£150 quid jumpers, bed head hair, pompus facial expression, arafat/desert scarf.

girls: blonde hair with ALOT of backcombing. UGG BOOTS (typically sand coloured), with footless tights, denim mini and a 'lazy' hoodie, or white skinny jeans, some dodgy fake fur waist coat or sleeves puffa jacket...etc. Arafat scarf/desert scarf compulsary.

shops: jack wills, abercrombie and fitch, american apparel etc.

likes: the oc, clubbing, spending Daddy's money, saying o-m-g etc.

there is a sub to this youth-sub culture, which are wannabe raa chavs. Basically cheap raa's who don't have the privelage of Daddy's credit card on tap.
what noise does a lion make? raaaaaa.

"she's such a raa."

"I'd rather get frostbite than wear ugg boots, I'd look like a raa."
by Miss NJ April 18, 2008
As above used to exclaim astonishment or exclamation, but been used in Sarf' London for many a year now.

Often pronounce one of two ways - Ra and Raaah. Raah being the full exclamation, hanging on the "aah" for as long as possible. Ra being the shortened snappy version for less astonished moments or when less heavily stoned and wanting to shock your friend with a sudden loud noise

dude 1 "check out this new bong man"
dude 2 "raaaaahhhh maaaannn"


dude 1 "check out this new bong man"
dude 2 "RA"
dude 1 "shit man you scared the shit outta me"
by Glocky April 04, 2005
like an exclamation

javzy:ma house got burgled las nite an dey stole ma credit cards all ov em an dey tuk ma tele, computa an ma dishwasha!
zaira:raas man! imma go kick der ass!
by zaira October 13, 2006
Raas is a word which can be used as a noun, adjective (good or bad), verb adverbs or pronoun. To tell what the person means by it you must use context, voice give-aways and previous knowledge of what the person thinks of something if known.

That pub is raas, man.


Yeah, I know, raas is really good.


Who raas this song?


Do you like this club?
No, its got too many people in.
You are a raas, blud.
by HammieGuy March 27, 2008
Raa - A very slow thinking teenager who has spent to much time on the bong. He also enjoy's eating, sleeping, harassing neighbours, holding his dick, and laughing at retards.
Raa- Hey dude, pass me that bong!
Johnny- Thats a cat.
Raa- Can you smoke it?
Johnny- Dude. Your fucked.
by ilovecanada123 June 07, 2011
This word originated in Rochester, England in the early summer of 2004. The word was used after "Ra" by Ebony dubsters (Drum n Bass tune) became popular here. The word Raa (pronounced normally with very little effort used in the aaaa part, said best if stoned) has since been used in the place of the word cool or to show that something is good or liked.
1: Dude, check out my bong!
2: Oh raaa!
by Dave October 23, 2004
An expression of uncontrolled relentless agitation and anger which comes out vocally as RAA as loud as one can for the sole purpose of trolling a RAAA! nia
Abs : Man whose that girl next to fiona?
David : RAA!
Abs : nia
by Father Of Aesthetics August 27, 2015
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