the act of cock-slapping a girl or any other object, original word originated from Dutch culture
Sin told his girlfriend to close her get on her knees and close her eyes. She did and he swaffled her. She broke up with him.
by sinnyboy January 24, 2010
Top Definition
To take ones penis and slap backwards and forwards across a partner's face in a repetitive manner. Can result in eye injury.
Hey look at Roderick giving Helene a good swaffle! He must really like her.
by Captain Picards February 04, 2008
to hit something or someone with a half-erected (very important!) penis. the word was invented in Belgium - in the Flemish part of the country, where a variaton of Dutch is spoken. And yes, they're very proud of it.

A swaffler can always be spoted because it attracts pink elefants. to keep safe from them, always carry a green mouse with you.

There is a difference between a Brussel's waffle and a Brussel's swaffle
I shall swaffle you. God wills it!
by NoMoustacheOverHere March 29, 2011
The art of,but not limited to: slapping a girl across the face with your cock,so hard after getting head from her,that you actually leave an imprint of your penis on her face,like a sunburn.
That chick over there is such a prep,I would swaffle her so hard she would have a black eye.

The teachers alais (Ms.Infante) is so noesy(pun intended) that I would swaffle her until she starts bleeding,then leave quickly before that pig sasser could call his butt buddies on me.because there is no way in hell he could catch me,unless he seen me at dunkin donuts while I was already in handcuffs blackout drunk.
by Jakob hunt July 28, 2014
Soggy waffles. Much like Ookie Cookies and Biscuits and gravy, but the waffle holes hold the jizz alot better for the all you can eat feeling.
You guys totally busted out into swaffles last night around 4 am.
by hawk239128 June 16, 2009
A beautiful combination of a soccer ball and a waffle. Can also cause injury in eye.
I just kicked the swaffle into someones eye!
by SWAFFLEGIRL123 March 13, 2010
hackey sacks running away from a bunch of chariots on the circus maximus

a.k.a. o fuck here they come!!!
Yesterday hackies pulled a swaffle
by Nick December 15, 2004
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