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Slim and trim, like the young Prince of Town.
"What's all the comotion about?" said the svelt young Prince of Town.
by SMD May 30, 2004
1) A bad ass dude that takes no shit.
2) An East coast goth influenced guitarist with a chunky metal sound.
3) in general, a dude you don't want to fuck with.
4) street version of the name Tom
1) T-man just knocked that dude out his fubus!
2) T-man was shredding it up last Tuesday night.
3) Beware, T-man is on the prowl!
4) Tom, uh, T-man, what up dog?
by smd March 08, 2005
A wrestling move in which you grab a person's neck, lift him up, and slam him on the mat. Often used by the Undertaker and Kane.
Kane finished off Matt Hardy with a choke slam.
by SMD May 29, 2004
A peasant wearing short pants who returns from vacation to find his thatch-roofed cottage burninated. He swears revenge and embarks on an incredible journey to vanquish the Burninator (Trogdor) once and for all.
Can one peasant wearing short pants save the countryside from certain burnination? YOU DECIDE!
by SMD August 28, 2004
The Teen Girl Squad's rock band.
Ooncha! Ooncha! One two threecha! We're Kissyboots and it's nice to meetcha! Ooncha! Ooncha! One two threecha! Gonna get a breadtangle of pizza!
by SMD January 29, 2005
I have two words for the children who are raised up on the this kids' show starring Homsar: HELD BACK. REPEATING THE THIRD GRADE. LOW STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES. I GUESS THIS IS MORE THAN TWO WORDS.
Singers: We'll have an adventure and several long trips. We'll make some new friends and maybe get a bite to eat! All 'cause we say...
Kids: Whaddaya Know Haddi-Man?
Homsar: DAAAAAAAAH! I'm a trendy tote bag!
by SMD August 19, 2004
A cool, refreshing drink made from pies.
When life throws pies at you, you make yourself a tall, cool glass of piemonade!
by SMD August 21, 2004

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