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Slim and trim, like the young Prince of Town.
"What's all the comotion about?" said the svelt young Prince of Town.
by SMD May 30, 2004
128 38
The word is actually spelled 'svelte' and is documented in (non-urban) dictionaries.

It means: Slender or graceful in figure or outline; slim.
"Check out Julie, she's looking svelte today"

"Look at Sarah in that purple dress, she looks like a svelte Grimace" (as in the McDonalds character, not the facial expression)
by Milorad November 13, 2007
59 15
A tern used to describe someone who has superior muscle tone and muscle size. Makes most other men look like total sissies when within a 15 foot radius.
John: Holy shit dude. You're lookin pretty ripped.

Travis: Yeah man, I just got back from the gym. Now I'm svelt as a motherfucker.
by jigzaggr9 July 27, 2013
4 0
Pronouced Suh-velt. Super sweet and/or cool.
John: I found $20 on the floor!
Mary: Svelt!
by Jade C September 12, 2005
36 113