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3 definitions by Katy360

A surfer, as it would seem to me, is just someone who enjoys surfing,who loves the feeling of riding the last set,Who doesn't give a shit about "posers".Who cares who poses as what?
A surfer would not give a fuck what others think or pose as.
by Katy360 March 29, 2006
214 176
"Blonde ambition" is when brunettes think that blonde hair will make them more attractive, therefore they spend money on highlights and other salon products to become blonde.They are not satisfied with the hair color they were born with and have low self esteem about their generic hair color.
Brunette-"Hey I would like blonde highlights"(God I can't wait to be blonde, maybe now (Name of random guy) will look at me!ie. blonde ambition.
Salon Owner-"That will be $40.
by KaTy360 February 25, 2006
85 54
PK is a penalty kick-term used in soccer.
dude he shouldn't have gotten a pk for that!
by KaTy360 February 25, 2006
43 97