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1. (adj) good or cool

2. (adj) attractive
1. Those guys have a pretty sure handshake.

2. There are no sure girls in my class.
by marcoose the caboose September 28, 2011
To say yes sarcastically, which really means no.
Timmy: "Im 9 feet tall"
Jimmy: "Sure you are"
by EThug PLife October 29, 2008
The WORST response to a "Yes" or "No" question.

The response you give when you don't 100% want to say "Yes" but also don't want to say "No". "Sure" is the answer you use when on the fence about something, but is not an acceptable response to Y/N questions.
Phil: Do you want to go to the movies?

Sarah: Sure

Phil: (pause) Is that a "Yes" or "No"?

Sarah: Sure, I will go to the movies.

Phil: But I asked if you WANTED to go to the movies.

Sarah: And I said sure.

Phil: (leaves)
by melissuhann July 20, 2014
A way to tell someone (often your boss) to fuck off.
Can you send me the ROI of your trip compared to the cost analysis for you being in the office that day based on our real time data intelligence?

Answer: Sure....
by MSU04 February 25, 2010
Not really.
Manager-Hey Jon! Are you ready to take out the trash!
by iFoxy August 06, 2009
used in disbeleif, can be used to replace 'omg'
sure joe shagged jodie, sure jake got off wid a boy
by eyeball paul March 19, 2007