someone, male or female, who only cares about themselves and what celebrities look like.
e.g. Jonas brother, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift are celebrities who people become superficial over
by razor092 July 03, 2009
Something of which everyone claims to be not. But everyone is.

The more the people claim to be "down to earth", the worse they are.
some 8-10 who dates only 9s and 10s: "I'm not superficial! Im intererested in what the people think and what they care about. It doesn't matter what the people look like"

by spassbremse October 06, 2011
Officially being of superior exterior visuals. Such as being able to buy Versace and Gucci and rockin' it like it's hot!
James and Mary are superficial!
by Amy08 August 08, 2008
something that is either believed fictionaly or irrational
Hey, steve needs to say more Superficial lines.
by InedibleBird January 27, 2003
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