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The awesomest website ever, both for its unparalleled collection of English words and its all-purpose audio pronunciations.
1. I wonder what "agglutinative" means...*click click*...aha! Now I know and shall forever treasure the knowledge.

2. Fun-loving wordophile: Heheheh...hey dude, check this out...

Dude: What is it?

Fun-loving wordophile: Listen...*click* -you- *click* -are- *click* -a- *click* -dick- *click* -wad-

Dude: Holy shit, that's brilliant.

Fun-loving wordophile: I know, I love There's nothing quite like perverting helpful knowledge for the purpose of juvenile diversion!

Dude: Wow. You need to get off there, Mr. Wordy Pants.
by Emperor Kayl June 12, 2008
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