what is happening?; what is going on?; how are you doing?
'Sup dude' 'hey guy, SUP'
by mArK TwAiN JR March 02, 2009
A way fuck-boys say "What's up," because they are too lazy to type 7 letters.
Sup, bro?
by Mitchell Gill January 10, 2015
Word for lazy people for "What's up?"
Sup, Jordan?

Cindy: Hi Daniel
Daniel: Sup?
by coco9wang February 18, 2012
1) Shortened form of "What's up?"; 2) Agreeable, derived from the word "supple" and the phrase "That's what's up."

Sup dude?

Hey, sup?


How was that movie? Sup.

Yo that movie was sup as fuck.
by jedv April 15, 2011
Another word that an awesome person uses because their so damn lazy to say hi
Sup dude
by Boo box May 04, 2015
OBVIOUSLY a misspelling of soup.
Ignoramous: Hey dude, gimme some sup!
Normal Person: Don't you mean soup, retard?
by WhySoSerious???? April 06, 2011
the act of hitting on some chick in order to get some box or get to her friends box

andrew faggella's life
yo sup go check that hot snatch over there.... go sup it
by ayosup December 14, 2010

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