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Something that is ridiculous and shit at the same time.
'Holy shit, that shit be shitdiculous'
by Antmonk April 28, 2008
A word that you would use as the singular's plural or past tense equivalent, but how you think it should sound, normally to replace the suffix of the original plural.
A pluralfuse is:

Moose = Meese
Glow = Glew (instead of glowed)
Shit = Shat (instead of shitted)
Flip = Flap (instead of flipped)
by Antmonk September 19, 2005
- Verb, to inquire as to what is up with someone
"Xeno entered the convo and everyone supped him."
"Lamey entered the convo. There was no supping."
by Antmonk October 25, 2008
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