A combination of the two words Whats and Up using the last 3 letters if you combine the word.
by Fife1100 March 15, 2009
used to shorten the term what is up
hey james! sup?!?!?!
by hey hey imma biga February 22, 2008
A contracted form of "What is up" or "What's up". See "What is up".
Seeing some friends, I often say "sup" to start a conversation and to see what they are up to.
by Scottmana September 15, 2007
1) Shortened form of "What's up?"; 2) Agreeable, derived from the word "supple" and the phrase "That's what's up."

Sup dude?

Hey, sup?


How was that movie? Sup.

Yo that movie was sup as fuck.
by jedv April 15, 2011
whats up
sup what u doing
by gurnademan March 24, 2010
what is happening?; what is going on?; how are you doing?
'Sup dude' 'hey guy, SUP'
by mArK TwAiN JR March 02, 2009
Word for lazy people for "What's up?"
Sup, Jordan?

Cindy: Hi Daniel
Daniel: Sup?
by coco9wang February 18, 2012

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