the greatest manga that has ever existed.
"Hello thar, Phil! did you buy the latest volume of Sup!? I hear Sup proposed to V-chan!"
by Mike Hunt February 05, 2005
Dates back to the fatass era. Shortened rendition of What is up?(What's up?)
Sup, holmes
Sup with that hoe?
by Shadditude November 28, 2004
half of the word whats up. Mostly used to reply to someone you hate.
erick: "Hey" (acting like a inocent little bitch)

keven: "sup" (in his mind he is thinking) im gonna kick his ass one day and make him gag on my cum.
- Verb, to inquire as to what is up with someone
"Xeno entered the convo and everyone supped him."
"Lamey entered the convo. There was no supping."
by Antmonk October 25, 2008
1) The brief way of saying: "Hi, I'm really pathetic, what are you doing?"

2) Probably the worst response to any humane or initial greeting.

3) Okay if used when your under the influence, jocularly, and/or feel the need to be obnoxious for one hot sec.
1) Man sitting at bar with Corona: "'sup"
Woman trying to get a drink: "Oh! *Smacks forehead* I'm so sorry, but I don't understand all of the one word you just asked me or if it even if was a question at all"

2) Kind girl texting boy: Hey :) What's up??
Boy one hour later: "'sup."

3) Drunk tourist in cab: "Man, you do understand how epic tonight's gonna be, right?"
Hammered tourist friend: I know, dude! ETA 15 minutes... SUUUUUUUUUUUUUP ATOWNNN. We're about to Get It IN!
by laughingturtle February 26, 2011
stupid user problem (SUP).

when a computer user blames the inability of their computer to do what they want on the computer itself or more likely on IT staff rather than on their own ignorance and stupidity.
Another SUP: Thanks for the new monitor IT staff, my computer is so much faster now.
by parkdude June 29, 2010
If one sips his own drink, one sups someone elses drank.
That looks good. Either give me a dollar er give me a sup of yors.
by Timothy Wooton September 21, 2006

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