What one would say in one's company in the morning of a glorious sunny day in Buckinghamshire, England.
Sup Jeeves, how are you feeling this fine morning? After I butter your scone would you like me to fetch your 'Fox Hunting monthly' magazine and open it to the 'letters' page?
by Muckle Flugga October 08, 2006
When one wants to say "sup" or "what's up?" to multiple persons or a group collectively rather than every person individually.
Person approaching group of people: "Sups"
Group of people to person: Sup
by davecoppafeel June 29, 2011
Short for 'What's Up?'. 'What's Up?' is short for 'What is Up?', and 'What is Up?' is short for 'How are boring daily events in your life going?'.
Guy 1: 'Sup, man?
Guy 2: Pretty cool, man, you?
by A Person who uses a Pseudonym October 06, 2012
A combination of the two words Whats and Up using the last 3 letters if you combine the word.
by Fife1100 March 15, 2009
Of saying "Hello" but slang.
"Sup bro"
by Sup Boss December 17, 2014
Sup is a very nutty word that can be used in greeting one eachother when the person is a tank.

Suuuuup, can be used as an expression of excitement.
Aya: Hey Sup, how u doin?
Nutanese: Hey Sup!!! i am great how about you?

Aya: I'm great too! suuuuup
Nutanese: Suuuup
by The two Sups September 10, 2011
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