Slang word for coccaine.
"I'm happy I'm feelin glad I got sunshine in a bag" - The Gorillaz
by J-Dizzle March 20, 2005
An affectionate reference to the genitals

A jovial reference to the genitals, either masculine or feminine.
"Open the fly to your sunshine."
by Ben Franklin December 24, 2005
1)A word used to describe a womans vagina. Usually referring to a good vagina that is a happy vagina.
2)The light coming from the sun.
1)"Peter, it is not a vagina. It is known as a sunshine, and your penis is known as a birdhouse."
2)The sunshine hit Jennas face as it tanned her vagina as well.
by JennaisBallin May 04, 2007
A kid that lives next door to you in a college dorm, and picks up smoking as a habit to look cool. Unfourtunately he weighs 90lbs. and tries to pick up girls, but the ones he gets have eyes that are different sizes, and wiegh much more then him.....Plus hes an Emo faggot
Sunshine: Hey whats up babe, look at my cigarettes and tight emo music.
Fugly Girl: mmmmmmmm baby you look mad tasty.
Sunshine: HAHAHA I am mad tasty Bitch. Now suck my cock!!
by Big Hairy Walrus April 19, 2006
Sunshine speaks to the masses about a type of alcohol found in clear bottles--usually in six or twelve pack quantities. Sunshine is commonly found to be the greatest mexican beer on the face of the western hemisphere--Sol as most of us in the southwest know it to be. The nick-name should not be confused with a drug because it actively explains the taste of the beer as it tastes like the pacific in the summertime but also smells like the better parts of a mexican celebration and unifies the irony of it's name with a warmth and goodness and a clean limey finish all unto itself.
"Say mothafucka, you gots me a c-rone?" "Ah shit yo, i only gotz dis SUNSHINE" "That'd do, that'd do" "Sunshine, of all da motherfuckers, you da muthafuckest"
100% Fun
Modelo Negro Especial
by boombata November 27, 2006

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