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Sunshine - a code that refers to an irate customer at Wal-Mart.
"Code Sunshine to Electronics."
by Christina B November 12, 2007
8 36
LSD, also sometimes refers to LSA, a similar chemical found in the seeds of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory and Hawiian Baby Woodrose.
"Yo man you know where I can find some sunshine?"
"Naw man, trust me if I knew I'd be trippin' right now."
by Cam K May 08, 2006
28 56
Often times, the sexiest guy at school and is surrounded by hoes. But always the biggest nucka in the whole damn group.
That is one hell of a "sunshine".
That "sunshine" had me moaning all night.
by LuckyNumberVII May 22, 2008
7 39
Slang word for coccaine.
"I'm happy I'm feelin glad I got sunshine in a bag" - The Gorillaz
by J-Dizzle March 20, 2005
132 164
sunshine is

a) a slang word for cocaine (in the USA), or
b) a slang word for weed (in the UK).
"I've got sunshine in a bag" -- Gorillaz (UK group, so referring to weed)
by GerSHAK September 25, 2006
52 85
A nickname for someone who is or appears to be a homosexual.
"Tommy, look at sunshine rubbing all over Steve, he must be in love."
by Gregory Koffman April 11, 2006
41 75
An affectionate reference to the genitals

A jovial reference to the genitals, either masculine or feminine.
"Open the fly to your sunshine."
by Ben Franklin December 24, 2005
15 49