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2 definitions by nstraws

A name given to a woman's vagina, who's abilities and appearance far exceed those of others. Her skills earn her a moniker worthy of greatness...i.e. Sunshine!
"I have a girl who's pussy is so good, if you threw her in the air, her pussy would turn into sunshine!"
by nstraws October 30, 2012
(noun). Slang for any place a man can ejaculate, i.e. a woman’s vagina, a mouth, anus (notice there is not a sex assigned to the mouth or anus), a condom/rubber; a repository for semen; a way for men describe their target of ejaculation in a derogatory manner.
"I just blew my load of creamy pudding into her Tapioca Trap"
by nstraws October 31, 2012