Peeing repeatedly in a toilet without flushing until creating a smelly yellow liquid.
Hey John want to make a sunshine in your moms toilet.
by Plaid to get laid November 29, 2013
a strong single female who demands respect.
never lowers herself, and always dreams big.
known for the chase. chased for a reason.
i.e. Stikki Baby. A first lady.

It doesnt take a day to reconize sunshine.
by StikkiB May 16, 2007
1: A way of a older male addressing a younger one. Mostly used amongst fathers to sons and police men to young offenders.
2: Similar to a moonie however only doable by males. The penis is bared at your victim
3: Light from the sun
1: Hello there sun shine.

2: He climbed onto the garrage roof and sun shined her kitchen window!

3: Bring me sun shine...
by Josquius April 14, 2004
A green eyed brunette full of talent. Lovable and awsome-licious. Full of joy.
You're the Sunshine of my life!
You brighten my day! =]
by Chicka Chee Chee July 12, 2009
an affectionate nickname to your lovers sexual body parts.
Hey baby im feining for your sunshine.

Show me your sunshine.

Your ***** is so amazing, its like the sunshine.
by sunshineloverrrrrrryeahbaby February 03, 2010
a very special kind of sunshine that the stoned cat often deals
guy 1: i wanna feel good...

guy 2: get some sunshine. i hear the stoned cat has the best sunshine.

guy 1: how do i get some 'sunshine' from the 'stone cat'

guy 2: call him up and meet him in the alley
by kay-bayyy May 31, 2009
A very vile thing; something that makes you want to stay inside all day long and avoid windows without curtains.
Dude did you see that chick?
Yea she was totally sunshine.
I know. I'm going home now.
by The Lazy Hedgehog June 14, 2010

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