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When you don't know the words to a song, the word schmoo is used to replace the words that are not known. It can be abbreviated to 'sch' or add 'ey' to the end to give it more versatility.
The YMCA song: "YMCA! Sch sch sch sch schmoo schmoo. YMCA-A!

The Bubba Sparx song I found you, Ms. New Booty: "I found you, Ms. New Schmooey!"
by Notorious M.A.T. June 20, 2006
Schmoo -
1, An insanely cute creature that follows you round and helps you with stuff.

2, An expression of sympathy,or condolance.

3, Used Psionically to wish someone good luck, or to help them get better.
Awwwwww Schmoo!!

Healing Schmoos coming your way....
by Jon May 23, 2003
petname for a females most intimate bodypart
My schmoo is itching.
by denlilla May 29, 2008
A balloon like toy that became a craze in the '50's. Schmoo's appeared in the cartoon series "Lil'Abner." They invaded the town.
I know this is ancient history to you, but a schmoo was a great toy, and fad. And if you don't care, I say screw you, schmoo.
by Joe Renzetti September 16, 2003
A small furry creature that resembles a platypus. It is known as the mascot of the Mu Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. Schmoos have been rumored to have magical powers.
"That schmoo is so cool, its wearing a hat!"
by mo pledge March 09, 2014
A sessile larval form of a sea urchin.
Stuck to a rock, the schmoo develops into an adult sea urchin.
by malurus April 13, 2005
(adj) something gross usually of the stick/gooey variety;
describing something cool or stupid.
dude, that thing on the floor looks like green schmoo
OMG! he was like that shirt is soooooo schmoo
by rockergrl101 May 19, 2010

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