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a fine, young woman. usually a late teenie who all the guys wanna jump on coz they got the fresh puss.
"damn i got me a nubile last night. coem over damnit and we'll give her breakfast."
by +Fizza+ August 31, 2005
when you think something is really harsh or stinks
"Davey ran out when heard me preggaz"
"Bellend! That's sucky"
by +Fizza+ November 23, 2005
1) something that makes you wanna barf cept it'd be a waste of perfectly good puke (Mona Lisa Smile)
"positively vomiticious, Giselle"
"vomiticious squizzle made me reel, run out and heave ho"
by +Fizza+ November 23, 2005
spanish-esque lingo for man juice, used by Jack in Will&Grace Series 2
"get your machog aspacho about, doncha?"
by +Fizza+ August 29, 2005
very first moments after just being born
"knew from your first gulp you was my savin grace. yo momma got my love for poppin you out but jeez you're my lucky star"
by +Fizza+ November 30, 2005
someone who is really hot and uber fuckable
"Johnny Depp is the ultimo shagsicle"

"Aaron wishes you could be his shagsicle"
by +Fizza+ November 23, 2005
stuff to do, made from drawled "schedule"
"get your ass in gear, i got shezoo!"
by +Fizza+ August 29, 2005

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