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In hockey, the area on the ice near the red line, against the boards; referring to a person in that position. (Derogatory expression for someone who plays offense, but does not assist in defense)
Mike likes to sit in the suckhole.
Mike is such a suckhole.
by RKH March 21, 2007
16 23
sycophant; A person who seeks favour by flattering influential people. (Australian Slang)
Liberal MPs are a conga line of suckholes - Mark Latham
by John December 02, 2003
71 49
A person who is eager to please authorities such as teachers, parents etc...
"Jimmy always offers to help the teacher, he is such a big suck-hole". also short form "suck": "Jimmy is a suck"

Canadian slang, widespread in 60's to 80's
by suck-hole September 13, 2009
9 1
a man or womens mouth
Everything that comes out of his suck hole is bullshit!
by dogs bower February 16, 2006
19 18
A womans mouth.

EXP: Suck referring to a womans ability to perform oral sex on a mans penis.

Cathy: Please Paul take that large thing away from my face!

Paul: Shut up, I am going to insert it into your pretty suckhole.
by DeanNJ March 20, 2007
25 28
Any person who is an annoying jerk or idiot. Used in an insulting way to describe anyone one does not like. Comparable to "asshole".
You are such a suck hole
Get lost you stupid suck hole
by Pogmotoin January 09, 2008
11 15
A slang term for mouth. In other words, the hole that has the sole purpose of sucking.
"So I tell my wife to pipe down while the Jets game is on, or I'll bust her in the suckhole."
by Big Nose Jewboy November 11, 2006
23 27
Not literally holes that suck, "suckholes" is an expression used to convey startled frustration
Person 1: "I'm pregnant"
Person 2: "Suckholes!"
by Hagman August 26, 2003
0 5