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A woman who is used as a sexual toy by it's master. It (the sex slave) can be used and abused for the masters amusement and plesaure infinately. A sex slave is property and not a person.

No Jim! She is my sex slave, get your own.
by DeanNJ March 17, 2007
1. A woman whos mouth is used by several men as a trash can for cum (sperm).

2. A woman with a slut reputation, as well as a good cocksucker reputation.

That girl is a great cumdumpster, I took her on after the other one was finished.
by DeanNJ March 20, 2007
A woman whom greedily and habitually gargles sperm in her mouth and
frequently the outcome will result in her swallowing the sperm.

I am never leaving this girl, she's the best cum guzzler on the planet!
by DeanNJ March 17, 2007
A woman who sucks cock like a professional.
Man, that bitch is a blowjob artist.
by DeanNJ March 07, 2007
A woman who drins lots of cum.
That girl is a cum drinker, my balls are emty!
by DeanNJ March 07, 2007
A specific movie genre featuring explicit hardcore sex mixed with vicious violence. Mainly 1960s and 1970s.
I watched a roughie last night, it inspired me greatly.

Farmer's Daughters (1973)
The Ultimate Degenerate (1969)
The Curse of Her Flesh (1968)
Body of a Female (1965)
by DeanNJ March 17, 2007
Currency of the USA.
Jake, give me all your US Dollars or I'll shoot you with my unlicenced .38.
by DeanNJ March 18, 2007

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