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1)Over indulgence in anything; most often associated with food. It is also the excessive wasting of food/items and with holding from those who need it. Often it leads to lack of 'living' and a 'lifeless' life, or most of the time, to death and eternal torture in hell.

Gluttony is considered one of the seven deadly sins. Each sin is associated with a 'devil' and gluttony's is Beelzebub.

2)The unintelligent homunculus in Fullmetal Alchemist/Hagaren, Gluttony falls to his stereotype by excessive eating.
Although Gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, it is not considered as dangerous as Pride.
by iNsaneuChiha November 30, 2005
A fangame created by 4 Chinese students in 2004 of the manga/anime Fullmetal Alchemist/Hagaren. It portrays a 'what if' Edo worked in Central with the Lt. and it takes place after Edo and Aru get their bodies back. One of the 4 alternate endings results in Edo killing himself and becoming the seven deadly sin, Pride.
Bluebird's Illusion is a bitch to get ahold of because you can only get it on Chinese auction sites. xp
by iNsaneuChiha November 30, 2005
The Japanese word for a non folding traditional fan. Although it is spelled in romanji, and pronounced 'uchiwa' it is written 'uchiha' for the 'ha' charectar takes on a 'wa' sound in certain situations.

Uchiwa can be seen in different kinds of Japanese festivals, as well as in modern plastic form handed out by street marketers in Japan.
"I found this lovely uchiwa to match my yuri pattern kimono."
by insaneuchiha May 14, 2006
1. an anal sack of fluid. . .adjective style.
2. uncool
Ohhhh nooo!! I didnt shave my anus, this is so sackular!!
by iNsaNeucHiha February 25, 2005
A large half testicular, half mutated lollipop organ that exhists in between the two flabtastical cheeks of an anus. Sometimes the sack breaks its sakular or, sticky covering that keeps it from falling out, and dangles between the leg. If not taken care of properly you may turn into a blubbernugget or yam.

Sometimes, the anal sack is so hideous, that it can be used in a similar manner as what we like to call the medusa treatment.
by iNsaneuChiha August 04, 2005
1. The name for Hitomi and Zazu
2.A bulbous sack filled with anal-like fluid. It tends to jiggle when it is poked and explodes on occation.
3.When a Hitomi and a Zazu come in contact, a large analistic sound is heard as well as I got you babe by sonny and cher. Anyways, its the reunition of these to psychos.
4.A fat fuck.
1.NUGS!!! We are SHhhhyrus, and Blubbernuggetshh Shzemchishh!
2. Aww shit aww shit the stick is on fire! and my blubbernugget popped!!
3. My mother died from the blubbernugget.
4.Holy shit man look at the blubbernugget. It cant even walk, its in a wheelchair!
by iNsaNeucHiha February 25, 2005
1.an incredibly amusing word to the hitomi. . .hahahah
2.Relation of the blubbernugget and anal sack.
OH MY GODS A YAM BIT MY ANUS IN HALF!! i guess im a halfie now.
by iNsaNeucHiha February 25, 2005
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