An unfeeling, undead beast who bears children for other people to raise while she pursues a fantasy (i.e., a no-chance career in modeling).

A thing who spits kids out but realizes it's not always fun to care for them thus allows DCF to take them away, (i.e., Natalia KNAJ, Katherine Arsenault Jarvis).

An addict to drugs, alcohol & false attention, an annoying piece of shit, a fuck up, a self-absorbed waste of space who will sleep with people twice their age for even a stick of gum.

That undeniable stench of incompetence, mental numbness & self-hatred one feels & uses a false sense of self as a front.
Now that Photoshop & airbrushing effects are all too common in today's world, you'd think the old, raggedy succubus would stop making a fool of itself & make room for the MUCH younger, MUCH more talented & genuinely talented & beautiful models out there who show up in bikinis, IN PERSON & who don't try desperately to deceive.
by PigsAreForFood August 15, 2014
A very dominating and extremely attractive female, frequently changes boyfriends. This type of person exhibits serious mental issues and will explode for no reason at all. They will lure in men with their looks, then bitch them out for every thing they possibly can, it is in this process that the succubus extracts part of the man's soul.they will then move on to the next victim thinking that it was all their past boyfriend's fault and he was just a dick.
What happened to tom?

That succubus maddie got ahold of him, sadly, i don't think he will ever be the same.....
by Ecomopfe February 20, 2010
1. A sexy demon chick with wings, horns, and a gothic leather dominatrix getup, complete with 4-inch heels.

2. "In medieval legend, a succubus (plural succubi; from Latin succuba; "prostitute") is a demon which takes the form of a female to seduce men (especially monks) in dreams to have sexual intercourse. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death of the victim." --Wikipedia

The young boy masturbated to a picture of a succubus in his Diablow manual.
by Killing Kittens July 17, 2006
A succubus is a very beautiful demoness that tempts men into have sex with her, then proceeds with sucking their soul.
Jim: "I had sex with this really hot girl, but ever since I've felt like a zombie."
Frank: "Maybe she's a succubus!"
by xphilophobia May 04, 2009
A sex demon. Sometimes she has bat wings on her head or back. But that enhances her sexiness.

The plural for succubus is succubi or succubii.
Morrigan and Lilith from CAPCOM's Darkstalkers/Night Warriors *drool*.
by Crono February 26, 2003
An evil monster from the fiery eternal depths of hell whose soul purpose is to trick you into caring about her so she can catch you off guard, break your heart, devour your soul, and leave you alone as an empty, pathetic shell of your former self. -aka my ex girlfriend-
Warning: These creatures can cause inflamed genitals, confusion, itching sensations, and depression. They are also known to cheat on you with dirty, greasy mexicans.
Her vagina has teeth, she must be a succubus.
by Prince Xizor January 12, 2007
A girlfriend who causes their chosen mate to alienate his friends and become a general douchebag and an entirely different person.
Wow, Justin is still dating Sam Meeks? That girl is such a succubus.
by Liliaceae February 09, 2009
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