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Bitch fest. Plain and simple.
Person 1: Did you see what Gavia did last night?
Person 2: Yeah I read about it on SubetaDrama
by Mmm yah March 09, 2008
161 47
The place where rainbows die.
'SubetaDrama just killed my rainbow and punched my baby'
by URMOMLOLOLOL March 13, 2008
132 61
Where hideous European fan-girls of the site go to act like they're hot, and are often supported by fat women with equally obese, mixed raced children.
(A day on SubetaDrama) "Nikki is so totally hawt" I totally agree Joanna... how's the double-stuffed oreo doing?
by ElvisCostelloIsAwesome June 24, 2009
84 32
A place where 30 year old former high school bullies who have obviously lost their touch conglomerate and bully little 14 year old girls. They think it's cool.

A place where 14 year old girls look up to and seek approval from the nasty 30 year old women that bully them like some mindless, masochistic sheep.

Pathetic, but a great place to get your laughs for a day.
A day on Subetadrama

User 1; I put up a picture of myself today.

30 year old bitch; Camwhore. MINUS ONE

30 year old bitch then proceeds to put up 10000 pictures of herself drunk and wearing some nasty slut costume in Vegas.

User 1; I'm sorry, I'm a total camwhore, I'm terrible and a horrible person...but you're pictures look great.
by Prommiexoxoxo April 08, 2010
56 7
A site for wannabe *channers, /b/tards, EDiots, etc. who play Subeta. They even have a forum called "The Lulz". Retards.

It's run by the same fags and e-drama whores (with way too much spare time) who came up with GaiaDrama. Avoid at all costs unless you want to be swarmed by 16 year old girls and internet drama no one really gives a shit about.
Subetafag - Hey did you hear about the shit (insert Subeta-playing 16 year old girl) talked on Subetadrama?
Intelligent person - No one gives a shit, unless of course you spend 12 hours a day on the computer.
by urbandictionaryuser934209309 April 20, 2008
109 99
A site for subeta fans that want to be chan. I place to flame, bitch, and cyber bully.
Subetadrama is for 10 year olds who want to make other 10 year olds cry.
by Celestial Season February 23, 2008
79 93